Candida Overgrowth Awareness

Lots of people are walking around with vague but disturbing symptoms and can’t figure out why they feel so drained and sick all the time. They may be able to function but the energy and motivation is lacking or they tend to be a person who gets sick all the time with colds, have allergies … More Candida Overgrowth Awareness


What every care giver must know for their own health!

the following information comes from this talk: When the body says no- caring for ourselves while caring for others. Dr. Gabor Mate To summarize this fascinating talk as briefly as possible requires a short medical lesson. Bear with me! At the end of our chromosomes (the strands that make up DNA) are telomeres. A telomere … More What every care giver must know for their own health!

What is a warrior?

We may all believe we are warriors in our own right, and maybe it is so for some. But what is a warrior? A true warrior? Here’s a modern definition I came across online: Neither is he a “peaceful warrior of the spirit.” True, warriors can be peaceful, and they can certainly be spiritual, but … More What is a warrior?