Calling all Angels!

My intention for this blog and my future are to start a non-profit organization for families who have medically complex children.

A lot of things have to come together before I could open such an organization.

I need investors, professional people who are willing to donate their time to help theses families. I’ll need professionals of all kinds such as lawyers, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, plumbers, electricians, contractors, massage therapists, psychologists. I’ll need people who are willing and able to donate their time to help these families by cleaning inside and outside of their homes, doing laundry, bringing meals, collecting clothing, toiletries, toys, gift certificates. I need people who know about business who can help me get started.

It’s daunting but doable. I really truly believe that there are a whole lot of people out there who would absolutely love to help these families and kiddos. I honestly believe that there just needs to be someone to organize it all.

There’s the whole HIPPA law that has to be addressed. Waivers will have to be written to release information and to keep these volunteers free from any repercussions if something should happen while they are on the property of the family (and also to protect the families as well).

There has to be a central form of communication, whether it’s a Facebook page or my phone number or some other way for information to get out there about what’s needed at any given time.

I’m going to use my garage to house donations of toys and clothes, household supplies, etc. to start. I already have some racks for clothes and can organize shelves for other items.

If anyone reading this has any insight they can share in starting such an endeavor please contact me. Any resources would be greatly appreciated. Share this post on your blog or with your friends. Talk about it with others. Start something similar in your community. Send me websites or other resources to help me. Give me ideas.

My motto for Lambie and Bellybutton is “together we can do anything.”

Lambie represents me. Bellybutton represents my husband. He’s in this with me and helps by driving around picking up free items and supporting me financially when needed.

Lambie is my childhood plushie and Bellybutton is his. I am using them as a metaphor for comfort to a child who needs it.

If you only saw what I have in these children you would want to do all that you can to make their, sometimes short, always difficult, lives easier. I want to make it possible for more people to know what I do and to be inspired by their resilience and general joy despite whatever is happening around them. It is an amazing thing to witness and learn from. I want to help parents who have lost their jobs in order to care for their children to have a little bit of respite, comfort and peace from the stress of not knowing if their child will live or die or wondering when the next hospitalization will be and what it will be for. It’s an extremely stressful way to live and is all consuming. How do you not worry about your child? I would like to give them hope in humanity and the world despite their circumstances of having to deal with financial troubles, insurance red tape and prejudices against their “special needs” child, who, by the way, to them is just their child.

I hope I can get some help for my cause.

May you be happy and well,