Friday Favs!

A few things we’re loving right now.

I (heart) this color palette. Rose gold and mauve with plum and navy. This is a perfect palette for home decor for any season of the year, for outfits or websites or for invitations which is what it was made for. Simply irresistible! (click photos for sources) Men, if you’re reading this, don’t shy away from shades of pink. I’m telling you it’s hot when done right! 😉

Have to throw in a little menswear inspiration in navy and pink now!

This illustrated quote honoring women from Britandco. I’ve been so inspired by all the motivational quotes and illustrations out there for Women’s Day this year!

We just finished binge watching Outlander on Starz. Can’t wait for the next season to come out. Have you seen it?

Outlander trailer for season one

I love these stoneware plates from Anthropologie. Just beautiful, not that I’m ready for new dinnerware yet.

Finally, this 10 minute video compilation that will restore your faith in humanity. There is so much goodness in this world. Don’t ever let the darkness cast a shadow on your view of the world.

What are some of your favorite things lately? Let me know what you thought of these things or share some of your favs in the comments!

May you be happy and well!


I never had one but always wanted one. Like many young kids, I remember making forts and hiding in little cubbies any chance I could when I was young.

Here’s a collection of adult “treehouses” that I think are amazing. I’d take any one of them! What about you?