Meet Lambie & BB

Bellybutton is my husband’s childhood stuffed toy. This little dog had to be repaired by hubby’s mom because when he was young, my husband loved the stuffing out of him! His name comes from his polka dots, which, through the eyes of a young boy, resembled bellybuttons. Hubby outgrew BB many years ago but has fond memories of him. He makes me smile.


The story of Lambie is a story of love at first sight. My mom, oldest brother and I were shopping at a department store when I spotted her on a shelf (she was the only one). I carried her around ASSUMING I could take her home. I was only around 5 years old at the time. When it was time to go she was taken from my arms. I was devastated. I immediately started crying. We checked out, got to our van and I was crying in the back seat. I wasn’t sobbing but was really sad. Not a whiny, bratty, pouty sad but a true kind of sad. My mom turned around and asked if I really wanted her that badly and of course I said yes. She gave my brother some money and he ran back in to get her for me! I came from a big family where hand-me-downs were common and unexpected gifts were rare and treasured. I honestly have never stopped loving her. Over the years she’s brought me more comfort than I can express in words. She once was in a sitting pose but every night I forced her arms and legs open so I could hug her properly chest to chest. Now she’s really wonky looking. She’s definitely my “Velveteen Rabbit.”

and the real Lambie and Bellybutton:

These guys have been with my husband and I for almost our entire lifetime. They are getting very tattered to the point that I don’t even want to manipulate them much for a few photos (but how could I resist?)