My name is Christine but you can call me Chris. I had a previous blog with a different name that was successful in numbers but was not a business of any kind. It was primarily fashion, makeup and home interiors.

I have a mission this time around. I am a pediatric nurse and want to do something to help my pediatric patients. I also want to provide as much information as I possibly can for free to anyone who needs it regarding parenting in general and parenting a special needs or medically fragile child.

As I write this I have 6 followers. I’m not even sure where they came from but thank them. I told myself that if even a few people benefit from anything I have to put out there that it truly is worth putting out there.

I understand the challenges of parenting. Somewhere along the line I will share my own story of being a young mom of a preemie. All is well for us. His father and I have been happily married for many years. Our son is a healthy, compassionate, funny, handsome and successful grown man now.

As a pediatric nurse I’ve been blessed to have met some amazing and remarkable tiny human beings. They’ve touched me in such a way that I know my life will never be complete unless these precious little ones are in it. I’ve learned so much from them as my blog posts and stories will tell.

I hope you follow me if for nothing else but to share in my journey of hopefully starting a non-profit organization to help families of medically complex children, to also share your stories and maybe pick up some tips or ideas I have to share.

With love,