Self-Care Kit


Self care is a necessity.

We all need a self care practice. Below you will find ideas that you may want to add to your self care kit which are very inexpensive or completely free. I’ve been using most of these myself. It helps me to mix it up to keep my self care fresh and new. I’m always coming up with new ideas so please check back frequently as this list is going to grow!

    A Pinterest board full of inspirations, motivational quotes, happy images and saying that are pertinent to you and your personal journey. This is the board you mark as private, that you keep for yourself to look st specifically when you need a pick-me-up or to remind yourself to take care of you. Please note: this is not the board where you pin all the things you want but don’t have.
    Massage tool (or your hands) and oils for self-massage. Massage your shoulders and neck frequently. Keep one in your bath or shower to do your shoulders there too.
    Journal. There is a trick to journaling though! Do not journal the negative stuff! Bring in gratitude. Bring in solutions to some challenges you’re facing. Bring in good memories. Bring in deep conversations with yourself about yourself.
    Your pet. No explanation necessary. So therapeutic!
    Nature. Sunlight. The grass under your feet. A hike in the woods, walk through a park or stroll on the beach depending on where you live.
    A note-taking app. “Evernote” is a good one that I recommend. Use it to put encouragement and motivational quotes, deep truths, etc. Add a few favorite photos of the people you love. Take time to reflect on these people and all that you have. It’s great for when you are out of the house and don’t have your paper and pen journal with you.
    Meditation. If you don’t know how or are a beginner you can try YouTube videos or apps.
    Spirituality. Invoke positive energy. Imagine yourself being surrounded by a loving white light that fills you with everything you need to be whole. You can, of course, pray as well if that suits you. (I do both).
    Coloring. You’ll find some of my favorite pages below that you can save and print for yourself.

10. A bathtub. Epsom salt baths are my favorite way to relax and unwind. The warm water soothes achy muscles. Being in a bathtub in the water sort of forces you to just relax because you can’t do much else. I love to use essential oils, candles and music to get the full benefit. Sometimes I omit music and do a meditation right there in the bath. You could also listen to to a guided meditation while relaxing. You might like to start with this one, this one or this one. They are all quite different but equally relaxing.

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Remember this:

If you have anxiety this video of a tiny Maltese getting a haircut might relax you: Adorable Maltese gets a haircut.

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