Disclaimer and Safety Tips


Hi Everyone,

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I wanted to put this out there as a safety reminder!

PLEASE keep in mind that all ideas, activities, suggestions and stories posted on this blog are for your enjoyment and entertainment. Though there will be some educational material,  check with your child’s doctor before starting new foods or any home remedy treatments.  Let your child’s doctor know if you’ve started any new supplements or if your child has been exposed to anything new if they should become sick. 

Also, please use common sense when choosing activities for your child based on his or her age and development.  You are responsible for the well-being of your child.  Do not leave young children unattended with any toys or activities that have small parts as they are a choking hazard.  As a nurse, I can tell you first hand stories of children choking to death on tiny toys or toy parts that belonged to their older sibling.  My own child had a near death choking experience right in front of me when he was nine months old AFTER I had just vacuumed the carpet and was watching him like a hawk.  It happened before my very own eyes. Luckily I was able to save his life just in time.  Children put everything in their mouths. Choking hazards are no joke.  Don’t learn that lesson the hard way.  

Here are some general safety tips to keep in mind: 

CHOKING HAZARDS: Tie up window blind cords, keep all tiny items out of reach of small children including buttons, craft items, pins and tacks, small button batteries, small rocks, mini legos or any other toys with small parts meant for older children, coins, small pieces of hard plastic or any filmy plastic, plastic bags, etc. Be careful with toy packages you open. Be sure to dispose of all of the packing material.  

FOOD CHOKING: Small children shouldn’t have hard or slippery, small round foods like grapes, cut up hot dogs, etc.  iI once saved an approximately 2 year old little girl on a shuttle to the airport when we were traveling.  She was clearly choking, not making a sound, but was facing in the same direction as her parent so her parent couldn’t see her face.  Her mouth as open and she was drooling so I quickly grabbed whatever was in her mouth.  It was a Starburst chew.  It was however so long it was halfway down her throat.  Clearly, she was too young to handle it.  That Starburst, though long and stringy at that point from being sucked on, was taking up all of her tiny throat.  

POISONS:  Poison Control Center (800-222-1222)  Keep all medications (yours and their own) and hazardous materials behind LOCKED cabinet doors (not on top the fridge, not in a high cabinet but behind a LOCKED cabinet). That includes detergents and cleansers, furniture polish,  liquor, makeup, personal care products, dish detergent tabs, silica packets, gummy vitamins, smelly markers and craft supplies, paint thinners, paint, antifreeze, rubbing alcohol, gasoline, windshield washer fluid, etc.

Keep anything they are allergic to out of the house! Get an epi pen and keep it with your child at all times if he or she has a known allergy. 

Be aware that some houseplants are poisonous!

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Bike Safety: helmets, helmet fit test, make sure bike is right size, no loose clothes that can get caught up in wheels, no street driving.  I don’t care how empty your street is.  I personally know of two children who were killed by cars while riding their bikes in the street.  You do not want to have togo to a 5 year old’s funeral, especially if it is your own.  People cannot see little people from the drivers seat.  There are even true stories of parents driving over their own children in the driveway. Please teach your kids about bike and car safety as early as possible.  

BURNS: Watch kids around the fire pit, camp fires, boiling water, hot food from the microwave, irons, stovetop and oven, toaster, curling/flat irons. Turn handles of pans inward on stovetop. Watch things like hot coffee or tea. Make sure bath water isn’t too hot. Set water heater lower. Be careful with space heaters of all kinds. 

BE A GOOD EXAMPLE! Seal the medicine tightly after use and put it away every single time.  Walk at crosswalks and look 3 times (left, right then left again before crossing)

TEACH ALL FAMILY MEMBERS: Siblings and Grandparents need to be on board with child safety when they around your child.  

USE COMMON SENSE: Read labels for potential poisons, keep a first aid kit handy for minor scrapes and falls, only buy age appropriate gifts, if doing crafts or making homemade toys, pick them up after use and keep them for times when you know you an watch your child at all times.  

Was there anything on this list you didn’t think of?  I there anything I missed that I can add to it?  Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you and your family many happy, healthy, safe days ahead!







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