Epidermolysis Bullosa awareness

Every 1 in 53,000 babies born will have a rare, genetic, painful condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Most people won’t know about it…but you should.

You or a loved one could have been born with it. Maybe if you’re reading this you have been.

EB is a condition in which a person lacks Collagen VII the protein responsible for holding the layers of skin together. Without it, skin is extremely fragile and susceptible to blistering and peeling even from a light sheering, or rubbing, against something.

Please watch and share THIS short video to raise awareness of this devastating condition.

As a nurse I’ve seen this condition. I’ve watched a toddler cry on and off for the four hours it takes to do baths and dressing changes which have to be done either daily or every other day. Toddlers who can’t just run and jump around like other kids for fear of their skin peeling off, can’t eat anything at all because of painful blisters and wounds inside their mouth and esophagus.

Diaper changes are traumatic. Baths are traumatic. Someone new picking them up is traumatic.

Skin peeling like the photo below can happen from simply brushing up against something such as carpet.


No one should have to live with this level of pain and anxiety.

For people with EB, daily life is a challenge. They are more susceptible to infections from having open areas on their skin. They are more susceptible to blood loss resulting from bleeding, blistering wounds. Some may die in infancy due to infection. Some may die between 15-30 years old due to skin cancer. Some of the “luckier” ones will have a normal life span but still experience daily pain, painful dressing changes and multiple doctor visits on a regular basis. They most likely will have some forms of disability.

And…There. Is. No. Cure…YET.

The science and technology are here but funding is not. That’s just unacceptable.

Please consider supporting a cure for this condition, maybe in lieu of a birthday gift or instead of buying something you don’t really need. Every penny counts. If everyone did this once a year the funding would be able to CURE this condition.

I believe it is possible to do!

May you be happy and well.

The truth about the apple cider vinegar craze!

There are a ton of infographics and articles that claim apple cider vinegar is the cure for lowering blood pressure, controlling blood sugar, killing cancer cells and so much more.

Well I looked into it with my trusty Medscape app and found a great article. I had to copy and paste it because there’s not a way to insert a link. I’ll post the article here below the cliff note version.

Here is the bottom line:

1. Vinegar is not as effective as commercial cleaning preparations for disinfecting surfaces thought it has a little (tiny) benefit.

2. Vinegar is not effective as an antimicrobial for topical use in wounds. Modern wound preparations are far more helpful.

3. Could be helpful for warts but cryotherapy is more effective.

4. There are some antimicrobial benefits for the use in ear infections but the low pH may damage inflamed skin and cochlear hairs.

5. Undiluted vinegar is a good choice as a cleaner for dentures and doesn’t damage the gums.

6. Vinegar deactivates nematocytes from jellyfish stings but hot water is the treatment of choice because heat deactivates the venom.

7. A couple of studies showed a decrease in blood pressure in mice with vinegar consumption but there were no human trials at the time this paper was published.

8. There was a trial in humans that showed vinegar and oil dressing eaten regularly could reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease (heart attacks). It appears that more studies are needed before doctors are going to be prescribing vinegar though.

9. In vitro administered vinegar in mice did inhibit human cancer cells.

10. Sugar cane vinegar helped decrease human leukemia cells.

11. It also reduced colon carcinogenesis in rats.

12. Another study showed promising results in increasing the life span of mice with cancer due to the decrease in tumor growth.

13. The identifying tumor-killing factor in vinegar has not yet been found. (But it may be that the acetic acid in vinegar that turns to acetate ions). They do know that vinegar contains polyphenols which ARE known to prevent cancer in humans though.

14. A China study showed a decrease in esophageal cancer.

15. A study in Serbia showed a 4.4 times INCREASE of bladder cancer from vinegar consumption though.

16. According to several studies it’s looking like vinegar does reduce the glycemic index of foods when eaten with food and can help control appetite possibly. It improves insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetics. This is very promising so more research is being done.

17. Don’t drink it straight as it can cause inflammation of your esophagus.

There you go! I was very pleased to hear the exciting study results on blood pressure, cancer reduction or prevention and blood sugar control. I, for one, am not going to stop drinking it in my water anytime soon!

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May you be happy and well!

All of the info above has been obtained from the article below which I read in full (there are several more pages not posted here on the chemical makeup and history of vinegar, etc. I just couldn’t fit it all due to poor loading time). You can read this below tonight to help put you to sleep if you’d like or get you really excited if you’re also a nerd like me!

Candida Overgrowth Awareness

Lots of people are walking around with vague but disturbing symptoms and can’t figure out why they feel so drained and sick all the time.

They may be able to function but the energy and motivation is lacking or they tend to be a person who gets sick all the time with colds, have allergies or lots of GI symptoms (especially bloating). They can’t quite pinpoint the cause and doctors can’t find anything wrong (because quite frankly they aren’t looking for candida overgrowth).

Check out the symptoms below and see if any of them sound familiar.

If you have several of the above symptoms (especially if you consider yourself a carb addict) it is worth a try to eat from the candida diet. I’ve linked a bunch of good information below if you want to delve into the causes, treatments and what research is being done about candida.

The good news is that the damage it has done can be reversible. But remember…

This diet is not easy. If you have candida you are well aware that trying to cut carbs and sugar sometimes feels as bad as it would to deprive yourself of air. That candida wants to live and needs sugar and carbs for its survival. This diet is killing those little jerks. You have to be stronger than they are!

The foods list is here but I’ve made a cheat sheet for shopping purposes.

(This list is phase one of the candida diet, by the way. After a while on the above list you can start to incorporate other foods. You want to add things slowly so you can tell what intolerances you have or what food aggravate your symptoms. This list is where you start though. I highly encourage delving into this link to read a lot more about it.)

A general guide of food to avoid is at this link.

I’m on a water fast right now (which I’ll also blog about) but plan to start this diet as soon as my fast is complete. I, personally, know that I need to reboot my gut health because I have actually been diagnosed with candida overgrowth and leaky gut.

I’ve put it off because, quite frankly, my symptoms weren’t bad enough for me to stick with it. The candida makes you want carbs so badly and it’s difficult to start or stay on this diet. However, when people suffer enough they are usually more open to change. That’s where I am now. The bloating, nausea, inability to lose weight and constant fatigue has finally taken its toll on me.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired you may want to give this a go as well! Unless you have other health conditions that restrict the way you eat like diabetes, kidney disease, etc, it’s a safe and healthy way to eat in which you’ll not only get rid of candida overgrowth but can start to heal leaky gut, if you have it, as well as lose weight and feel better overall.

Let me know if you’re going to try it!

I’ll post my progress under the category/tag “journal/personal” if you want to follow!

May you be happy and well,

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