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My name is Chris Eich. I’ve been a nurse for 20+ years. I’ve worked in many different areas of nursing.

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Lastly, I should share that I do not promote any religion or affiliation. I consider myself a spiritual being inhabited in a body. I am spiritual (I’m an empath) so you may find the tone of what I share or write about to be that with an overall feeling of oneness, true love and connectedness. I’m on a path to higher consciousness and becoming the best version of myself possible. If you don’t relate to this, you may not want to follow me.

That’s the gist of the blog. Read on if you want to know about my mission and goals!

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This is the dream and plan!

I believe that all people have an inherent birthright to the best possible medical care available and that regular people like you and I can make that happen!

We don’t have to wait for some major government changes to take place. We can start building better healthcare together.

I want to start a non-profit organization to help the families of medically complicated children. I think they are struggling enough with their health issues and don’t deserve to be bombarded with bills, not given the education or support they need or the respite they so deserve. Parents of medically complex kids are exhausted. Some have to quit their jobs because they have to take their kids to so many appointments, or home health doesn’t have enough nursing staff on a regular basis, which puts them in even more of a financial hardship on top of all the medical bills. It’s a strain on the parents’ health, their relationships, the siblings and extended family. They feel alone and that no one else can possibly understand.

Besides education, support and respite, I want to help them with other things they need like home modifications, assistance with bills, clothing, toys, go bags (essential for safely taking their kids out of the house at any time). I want to provide activities for siblings and outings. I want to connect parents of fragile kids with other parents of fragile kids and set up play dates for these kids and so much more.

I’m going to need help. I’m going to be selling products at first to get going. A portion of the sales will go directly to these families and I will post photos of where the money goes once I get enough to do a project.

I’ll be looking for donations of any kind, investors in this dream so it can become a reality. I’ll be looking for other people to join me, to volunteer their precious time in our community to start (Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area). The time would be used to help families with household chores, yard work, fixing up their homes (so l will need roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and maybe even just to provide them with a home cooked meal.

My goals are big but I’ve got to start somewhere.

If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem.

If you find it in your heart and budget, please consider purchasing the products I’ll be selling, donating, or better yet, making a monthly donation to keep this project up and running. It is only through your support that we will succeed.

Even if you can’t contribute financially, please join me by following this blog, following my other socal media, sharing my social media, not just once but many times, and by reaching out to me with your comments, ideas and support.

My prayer is for the little ones who came into this world having to fight, then continue to fight every day, for the things that you and I take for granted on a daily basis, like breathing easily, walking and talking. I’m praying for all children who have seen more hospitals and doctors in their life than anywhere else, who have never been to the zoo, park or anywhere else but their home for that matter. And for the families who love these dear ones. May they be well, safe and protected. May their days be filled with as much joy as possible. May they be enveloped with love and support from their communities. May their lives be a bit easier knowing they are not alone.

If you made it this far, I appreciate your sweet heart!

With love,