Hello and welcome. My name is Chris. I’ve been on a mission to change my life for the past few years from a busy, stressed-out, full time registered nurse to working part time and taking a simpler approach to life.

You’d think just cutting back hours would bring about a more calming and easy lifestyle but you’d be surprised! Those stressors that were ingrained in me did poke up from time to time. I’ve been learning to live an enjoyable, easier, more manageable, less-cluttered life while enjoying the simple pleasures on a significantly tighter budget.

I’ve come a long way and wanted to share my insights and ideas, connect with others who are like-minded and give myself an outlet of creativity. I simply want to enjoy the rest of my time here in Earth here with my loved ones doing what I love in both my nursing career and hime life.

My interests are

  • Self-care, confidence, motivation and encouragement
  • A simpler life including de-cluttering and minimizing material objects.
  • Healthcare, fitness, eating well and living the best life I can live
  • Always learning and evolving intellectually, mentally and spiritually
  • Living in the moment and enlightenment
  • I share stories and lessons learned from my nursing career and give health education and prevention tips.
  • I like to think about natural healthcare too such as essential oils, massage, meditation, homeopathy, acupressure/acupuncture, affirmations and the power of positivity and reiki or energy healing.
  • Love for animals and our planet and believing that we are all equal and connected.
  • Ways to overcome anxiety, depression, chronic pain and fatigue.
  • Sharing other blog posts I like as well as resources.

I like to talk about universal love, hope and positivity. I welcome everyone here and look forward to your comments and interacting with you.

I hope that you enjoy reading along.

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