You’re going to love this blog if you:

  • Find meaning in inspirational quotes and posts.
  • Are looking for ways to simplify your life.
  • Are interested in self care tips, ideas about how to love yourself more and be more confident.
  • Want to learn to live in the moment and gravitate towards the talks and writing of people like Eckhart Tolle, Ram Das, Khalil Gibran, Rumi, etc.
  • Need regular motivation as well as concrete tips to be your best self possible; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Are looking for a work-home balance or just looking to bring more peace and calm into your life.
  • Want to start saving money instead of spending it.
  • See the journey of life as an adventure to be cherished and savored.
  • Enjoy thought provoking deep topics as well as some lighthearted humor.
  • Value individuality over conformity.

This blog probably isn’t for you if you:

  • Think that sharing true emotions, trials and struggles are for the weak.
  • Love to hustle and feel getting ahead in life means having more status and stuff.
  • Have a stigma against mental illness, chronic pain or any other chronic condition.
  • Have something against spirituality.
  • Think that sharing feelings, inspirational quotes and such are just fluff.
  • Are judgmental, prejudiced, a homophobe or just an asshole in general, as I do not tolerate hate of any kind.

More about me:

My name is Christine but I go by Chris. Because of my blog name some people online call me Lambie which I think is endearing.

I’m in my fabulous 50’s and wouldn’t go back in time for anything. I’m an experienced registered nurse who has worked in many different settings including hospital nursing, wound nursing, hospice and more. I am currently a home health pediatric nurse for medically fragile babies and toddlers. ❤️

I’m an INFJ to the core. You’ll either love me or hate me. Either is OK. I’m not here to make people like me. I’m here to exist the way that feels natural to me which includes rooting hard for others, sharing emotions and feelings, finding deeper meaning in relationships and ideas with an eye towards gaining a better understanding myself and others. I also strongly encourage others to be themselves as well.

My intuition is eerily on point. I easily pick up on other’s emotions and even their physical symptoms which can be intense and is why I invite very few people into to my inner circle.

Sometimes I disappear and take mental vacations. It’s nothing personal. It’s how I recharge.

I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart and best friend. Truly, we are best friends and love hanging out together, encouraging each other. We make a great team. We are parents to one grown son and his partner and to one tiny pooch named Peanut. We are “grandparents” to one cute furbaby puppy.

I love reading blogs, self help and motivational books or snippets, writing, art in all forms, animals, trail hiking the mountains of Colorado and making my home a sanctuary of peace and calm.

If you decide to follow this blog and we somehow become true friends, I’ll love you forever. ❤️