Garbage in, garbage out

GIGO. Who remembers that term? When computers first came out there was a term “garbage in, garbage out,” GIGO, for short. It basically meant that the computer is only as good as the information it was given. If crappy information goes in, crappy information comes back out.

It was coined by an IBM computer programmer and instructor named George Fuechsel. It caught on because it made sense for computers as well as other things.

I was thinking about that phrase in terms of people. What we listen to repeatedly is what we engrave in our brains and oftentimes spew out of our mouths.

Over the past few years I’ve been so careful to try to put better content into my mind. I had a friend once whom I loved dearly but was the biggest complainer I ever met. She complained about everything and compared herself to everyone. Every conversation was about what other people were doing and how she disapproved. I started thinking the same way and chimed right in. Basically, every conversation was a bitch session about something. Whether it was work, coworkers or even people on the street we didn’t even know, we found something to complain about. We were fueling each other for more of the same. It was not good. Eventually, that friendship dissolved because it was superficial. Our paths went in different directions. Hopefully for the better for both of us.

When our minds are filled with things like bad news from the media, negativity from people around us or we fill it with mindless, time consuming games or even music with negative lyrics, over time, it will be shaped to think negatively. Thus, we will be living an unfulfilling life. WORSE, we will be projecting that onto others around us.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be that person who brings others down with bad vibes.

Our minds are like sponges. More than that, they are like magnets. If we continually think negative thoughts, whether it’s about illness, not having enough money, not being in a relationship or whatever, we will continue to receive more of the same from the world.

We want our minds to be magnets for all that is good.

How do we do that? By training our mind to see the goodness in everything. This is what I’ve been doing for the past several years. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I was once depressed, anxious, slept poorly and was always unhealthy in one way or another. I was in constant pain. I truly mean constant. There were times I thought life was too hard for me to live.

I have since been happier, more peaceful, feel better mentally and physically and have a growth mindset. I am continuing to practice being positive. Of course, I’m still a work in progress, but am finally seeing real differences in my life. It seems like the differences were happening so slowly I didn’t see them, then all at once realized my whole life is different. It’s kind of amazing.

I have days that my back doesn’t hurt at all, nights when I sleep like a baby and weeks with no problems or issues where I’m just happy and peaceful. I feel the positive energy within and around me. Things that used to, no longer bother me. I’m able to let others be themselves without it affect in me one way or another. People can like or dislike me and it doesn’t really matter.

I did a lot of things to get myself to this point and need to do more to keep expanding my consciousness and raising my vibrations higher and higher. But what I did doesn’t matter to you. If you’re finding that your life isn’t going well, the only thing that should matter to you is that you remove negativity from your life and replace it with positivity. However you need to do that, just do it.

It could be something major such as totally changing careers or getting a divorce. It could be letting certain friends go or to stop watching the news. Whatever you need to let go of, let it go with love. Don’t hold a grudge or feel vengeance. That’s more negativity. Just let people, situations and things go back out into the world or universe with love and appreciation for what it taught you. Then move on.

Be aware and careful about what and who you allow into your life and mind. Be aware and careful about what you allow into your body as well.

It’s easy to fall back into old habits. I still do it more than I care to admit. But once I see what’s happening in my life as a result of those bad habits (say eating poorly, for example, then feeling sluggish, guilty and crappy), I remember that it’s garbage in, garbage out. How could my body have energy and vitality if I fed it nothing but junk?

We are all responsible for our own minds and bodies.

In the next few days ahead I challenge you to ask yourself what you are allowing into your mind. What are you a magnet for? Is everyone coming to you with their problems? How do you feel physically? Are you dwelling on those negative feelings in your mind all day (I have no energy. I feel sick. I’m hurting)?

Then think of ways you can change the negativity into something positive. Can you listen to positive podcasts, read blogs like this one that give you food for thought, develop your spirituality, surround yourself with positive people or at least people who are trying to be positive? There are so many ways to achieve a positive mindset. For me, it has first required an awareness of how much negativity I had in my life then work to change it. Some of it wasn’t easy. It’s not easy to say goodbye to people in our lives or jobs or other relationships. But staying the same and being unhappy is a lot harder.

Good things are happening outside our comfort zones. Pushing ourselves to learn more, change our negative habits and go in a new direction is the only way we can grow. When we can grow we can help others grow. Working on ourselves, first for ourselves, is the only way the whole world can change for the better.

I think that one day it won’t even matter if the news is on and I’m hearing about bad things happening around the world or that someone comes to me complaining about everything. I’ll be grounded enough and have enough security in my positive mindset that it will roll off. But for now, I still need to be careful about who and what I allow into my life. I need to protect my positive energy and nurture it until it is stronger. And that’s ok.

Thank you for reading this post!

May you be happy, well and peaceful.

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