Three Wishes

This post is part of a seven day blog challenge from Daysixtyfive.

If I were granted three wishes what would they be?

Assuming one of them can’t be more wishes (lol) my three wishes would be the following:

World peace. Try to imagine a world where we all encouraged each other, were happy for each other’s accomplishments and supported one another’s dreams and goals. I think world peace would have to mean no more greed, jealousy, prejudices or hate. If that were the case, we would share more, which in turn would mean no more starvation or homelessness for people or animals. No more factory farming or hunting for sport. It could mean more support for disease research which could lead to cures for cancer and more.

I recently listened to a YouTube video called Seth Speaks. It’s a little out there for some because it is a channeled story. However, it has some really beautiful ideas that made me think. In it, Seth says that it is wrong to think we can’t have happiness without sorrow and there can’t be love without hate. He says that is a perception and doesn’t have to be reality. In other words, we can choose to be happy and grateful every day. We can choose love without experiencing hate. That just makes sense to me. There is no reason to hate, ever. Let’s choose love. I’m not saying we have to love being hurt by people or wear rose-colored glasses. I think this means that we shouldn’t return hate with hate. People and situations that are no longer for our highest good should be released with love. It’s idealistic, I know, but worth striving for.

My second wish would be for abundance for all. I wish for people to realize their full potential and live their best lives possible. If we believed in ourselves and weren’t competing and comparing, I believe we could all accomplish so much more than any of us currently think is possible. If we understood that we are powerful beyond measure I think we would feel limitless and free. We are only held back by fear and insecurities. Let go of the belief that you’re not good enough. You are a powerful creator. You deserve abundance in all areas of your life.

I’m down to one last wish. What will it be? I think I’m going to have to say I wish we could communicate openly with our spirit guides and loved ones who have passed. If we could receive a little guidance, comfort, love and support that we know for sure is from our loved ones, how amazing would that be? What if we could ask for their help when needed or their love when we are lonely? There would be no grief because we would still have ongoing relationships with the people who mean the most to us. We would be able to accept death as a natural process and not fear our own death. We’d be able to see other people for their souls and not be as caught up in this human world. We’d have less to cling to in this life, knowing that we are so much more. If this wish came true I think it would banish all organized religion as we would all have direct access to a higher power. There would be no doubt that there’s something after this human life. We’d all be able to be guided in the right direction and be able to live as our higher selves.

The following is a poem I used to give to all of my hospice patient’s families in their sympathy cards. I’ve had so many people tell me that it brought a real comfort to them.

I would love to hear your three wishes! Feel free to join in this challenge. You can find all the subjects on Day65!

May you be happy and well!

4 thoughts on “Three Wishes

  1. Oh wow, I love #3 😍 You are so open and spiritual, I absolutely love it. Thank you so, so much for joining in. This was absolutely beautiful to read. You are one of a kind!

  2. This such a kind, and compassionate post.

    I am holding a blogging party this weekend. It would be lovely for you to pop over and share your beautiful blog post there and connect with other bloggers. And for them to see your inner beauty and your beautiful blog.

    Do pop by even for a few mins

    love to have you.

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