What makes me smile.

This post is part of a blog challenge from Day65. One more day to go!

  • Happy puppies and dogs
  • Baby/toddler cuddles (I’m a peds nurse!)
  • My dog, Peanut’s cuddles (a 13 year old tiny poodle)
  • The crinkles around my husband’s eyes when he smiles.
  • Warm sunny days off from work.
  • Spending time with our sons
  • Hiking with my husband
  • Playing with our grand pup
  • Cute texts
  • Good memories
  • All animals
  • Tight hugs
  • My Mom’s love
  • Funny sounding laughs
  • Changing into comfy others after a work day
  • Getting close to hubby and smelling his cologne
  • Having a day without pain
  • Wrapping up in my fuzzy pink blanket
  • Good makeup/hair days
  • Hot tea before bed
  • Binging on Netflix when I feel like I really know and connect with the characters.
  • Inside jokes
  • Playing a new playlist of songs
  • Days warm enough to open the windows
  • Falling asleep to the sound of crickets
  • Being warm inside when it’s cold out
  • Finishing a project
  • Feeling confident
  • Baby giggles
  • When people sing to the radio
  • Cozy mornings in bed
  • Fireplaces in the winter
  • Backyard fire pits in the summer
  • Thunderstorms
  • Looking at old photos
  • Snuggling with hubby in bed while watching a movie
  • Christmas lights
  • When random babies smile at me
  • Polite people
  • Long drives with hubby
  • Giving meaningful presents
  • Seeing wild woodland animals
  • Kindness
  • Beautiful nature esp mountains and forests

What’s on your happy list?

I hope something here made you smile!

May you be happy and well!

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