The importance of hobbies

As part of the 15 day blog challenge from Day65, I’m going to write about hobbies today!

My first hobby is writing. I love to physically write on paper. I’m not good at lettering but sometimes doodle or just write random words. I had a journal for many years and wrote in it religiously but now write randomly in a paper and digital journal. My favorite journal app is Day One.

The benefits of journaling are stress relief and introspective work. The key is to try to solve problems and list what you’re grateful for instead of just complaining on paper. If you’ve never journaled before try looking up “journal prompts” on Pinterest for tons of ideas. See where it takes you!

I also love photography and photo editing apps. I am an amateur photographer. I use my iPhone camera mostly but do have a digital camera as well. I started with a 35mm camera years ago before we even had a cell phone! My favorite photo editing apps are Meitu, Camera 360 and Photofy.

I love using the Over and Procreate apps to to make collages or doodle. All of the images in this post are my creations. I use either my own photos or free images from Unsplash to edit.

Last year I decided to challenge myself and tried a few new hobbies. I tried crochet and embroidery. Both are supposed to be super relaxing but I found them quite difficult! I have all the supplies and don’t want to give up though. I also tried drawing more and making an art collage.

Another ongoing hobby and interest I have is miniatures. I found an old Victorian dollhouse online that I plan to completely redo. I have a story idea/theme in my mind I want to do which includes a messy, mischievous, tomboy girl who has an attic bedroom and a baby brother, parents and a dog.

I wish I could say I had more hobbies but that’s about all for me besides blogging. I love reading about other’s lives. I do follow some popular blogs but find the smaller, more personal blogs more interesting and less commercial. It’s a way to meet people in a very interesting way. It’s intimate, yet not, which is perfect for an introverted extrovert like myself. I find other’s stories fascinating in life and online.

Be sure to check out Jess at Day65 who created this 25 day blog challenge!

I really encourage all of my patients and their families to take time for themselves with downtime and hobbies. It’s a part of self care that brings enrichment and joy to our lives. There are so many benefits to hobbies. Here are just a few.

You can find even more benefits here, which is the source for above image.

What are your hobbies?

What are some things you’d like to learn this year? A foreign language? New sport? New skill? Or to improve on a skill?

I hope this reminds you to take time to do whatever it is you love.

Thank you for reading along!

May you be happy and well.

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