A paranormal experience.

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A paranormal experience I’ve had.

This is probably way easier for me than it would be for a lot of people. I’ve had quite a few paranormal experiences.

I already told about my ghost story here. Today I’ll talk about the first time (of many) I had a paranormal experience while I was a hospice nurse.

I was still in training at this one company I was working for and it was my first death call there. They have to do competency check offs where another nurse observes you doing a procedure in nursing. So I had to have someone meet me there to observe me during this particular visit.

The family called me to say their mom was very near death and asked me to come out to do a visit. I called my supervisor to have someone meet me there for the competency check off.

I had mentioned to the nurse who met me there that I felt this unusual energy or something coming from the patient when I was near her. It was like a tingling or static electricity but very faint. I guess this nurse was into the paranormal or energy work because she seemed really interested. She asked me to do a little experiment.

She wanted me to rub my hands together quickly until they felt warm then slowly separate them. I did it. She asked me if I felt anything. I told her it felt like a rubber band was being stretched between my hands. It felt like my hands wanted to stay together but the feeling was very mild.

I guess that was an unusual finding. Most people feel nothing. Try it for yourself and see if you feel anything.

So then she asked me to feel around the patient’s body to see where most of the energy was coming from. I definitely felt it around her chest and heart.

While I was feeling the energy around my patient’s heart it disappeared. I felt around and it was now only in her head. Just as soon as I said “it’s now in her head” my patient died and I no longer felt the energy. It zipped out of the top of her head. I listened for a heartbeat with my stethoscope and confirmed that she had passed. (She was asleep already and peaceful without any signs of distress or pain).

It was a fascinating and interesting phenomenon that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. It’s hard to describe it other than how I did but that’s not even exactly right.

If you could feel the buzzing of something electrical that might be closer. Not enough to give me the chills or a shock but just enough to detect it.

I wasn’t afraid or freaked out at all. I went about my nursing duties giving the patient a bed bath, straightening up the room, comforting the family, calling the coroner and doing my charting. I think the other nurse was more impressed with it than I was at the time. However, I now realize it was a rare and unique experience.

I didn’t connect with other patients this way but did connect with them in other unique ways. Sometimes by picking up their physical symptoms which wasn’t very fun for me. I’ll leave that for another post.

I used to be secretive about my paranormal experiences. Then I started hearing from others about their experiences and became braver because they shared theirs openly with me.

I wasn’t always interested in the paranormal even though I had experienced strange things as a child. I actually was afraid of it and didn’t want to admit I experienced anything. I’d brush it off or make up a reason it wasn’t real. I definitely didn’t want to talk about it for a very long time.

When I became a nurse, out of curiosity, I started my own personal research with my patients. I asked many people over the course of many years if they ever had near death or other strange experiemces and have heard so many amazing stories. I wish I kept track on paper because it surely would have made a good book. I can write about a few I remember clearly in this blog if anyone is interested. Now I am very interested in the paranormal. I know there’s a lot of far fetched, fake paranormal stories for shock value but there truly are some fascinating stories by good and honest people that I believe are true. At least I know my patients who told me their personal stories truly believed them. I felt they shared a very personal and intimate story with me when they told me. It always seemed like something really special to them.

I’ve looked into scientific reasons why some people experience these strange phenomena and have read articles like this, which states certain parts of the brain may be damaged causing different sensations. But that’s just a theory.

According to this USA today article, one study showed 45% of people believe in ghosts. I believe that number is much higher for those that believe in paranormal activities such as I described.

Just because science can’t prove paranormal activities exist or has some theories to disprove the paranormal, doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

I do believe I felt my patient’s spirit. I don’t know why her or then or if there was any meaning behind it but I know what I felt at the exact moment of her death. Maybe it was simply to tell this little story in case someone is wondering if people really do have spirits or souls. Who knows?

If you’re interested in hearing more of my paranormal stories or the ones I heard from patients please let me know in the comments.

What paranormal experiences have you had?

Can you feel anything when you rub your hands together to cause friction then slowly pull them apart?

To find out Jess’ paranormal experience check out her blog at daysixtyfive.com!

Thanks, to Jess! This was a fun little assignment!

May you all be happy and well.

4 thoughts on “A paranormal experience.

  1. :O :O :O I LOVED THIS! That is so cool!!! Very sad that you had to experience someone passing, but ooooohhhh boy is that fascinating. I would love to hear more stories like this from you, this is absolutely awesome! I love reading things where doctors/nurses have felt the energy and what not from people passing or coming back. People in the industry must have so much knowledge and experience with these kind of things, you’re a perfect example!

  2. The few Hospice nurses I’ve spoken to all have stories about something paranormal that happens right before death. I personally believe in an afterlife and you’re never closer than the moments before you pass.

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