Let’s talk about our favorite season!

I found this Blog Challenge on Daysixtyfive. I’m starting late but it’s still fun to join! Check out Jess’ blog. It’s so sweet!

My favorite season without a doubt is summer. Duh! Isn’t it everybody’s? It should be!

I remember being a kid anticipating summer break. Back then I lived in rural Indiana. You wouldn’t think there would be much to do but I come from a big family. Mom and Dad had eight of us kids. You can bet there was always something going on.

I remember “The Summer of Tag” when the kids from our small town would all play a game of hide and seek on mainstreet in the evening. We’d go in pairs to hunt for the hiders. It was so much fun. And “The Summer of the Banana Seat Bike” where all I did was ride my new bike every single day all over town. It was yellow and said Sweet Pea on the seat. I also got hit by a car that year while riding said bike. Luckily, it wasn’t too serious.

We also had a “Summer of the Cottage” where my parents would take us to our little cottage on the Kankakee River. I learned how to swim underwater in that river. My older brother taught my sister and I what a current is and told us where we were forbidden to swim. We had running water in the kitchen but no toilet at that little, old cottage so had to use the outhouse. I remember wanting someone to go out there with me if it was dark out. It was pitch black so we needed flashlights.

Besides riding my bike and swimming in rivers, I went fishing in the rusty hole (never caught anything larger than a bluegill and never did worm my own hook), picked sour apples, swung on a tire swing, played with my beloved dog Puddles, read Charlotte’s Web then later all the Judy Bloom books, ate a lot of mom’s homemade potato salad, made popsicles with kool aid in ice cube trays with silver foil and toothpicks, jumped rope and hopscotched, played Miss Mary Mack and Jacob’s ladder with my sister (one is a hand slapping/singing game and the other is a game made from a single piece of yarn). I picked wild flowers and brought them home to Mom.

I played Barbies with my younger sister. My brothers would take me for rides on the back of their motorcycles. We hunted for arrowheads and found them! Indian arrowheads were scattered all over. My brothers knew the best spots to look.

I stayed out til dark and caught fireflies and put them in glass jars (then let them go), had sleepovers with my best friend Lori and stayed at her house too. I even tried smoking a cigarette with that friend once but we totally got busted. After that we got some candy cigarettes from the little country store my parents owned and stood in front of the post office waiting for passersby to see us. Those candy cigarettes had a one puff limit (there must have been some flour or something on the end so that when you blew into it, it would make a small puff). We would have to wait for just the right moment to puff it when someone was looking, just because we wanted to fool them into thinking we were cool. I’m pretty sure we fooled no one.

I still love summers to this day. It just feels like that’s when everything good happens. Swimming in pools, having BBQ’S, vegetable and flower gardening, family get togethers, vacations and staycations. Wearing shorts and tank tops and sipping fresh sweet tea on the deck, roasting marshmallows on sticks in the backyard fire pit, yard games, leaving windows open at night, going to sleep to the sound of crickets, what more could one ask for in a season?

In the summers, I would stay up way past my bedtime playing and getting dirty, come home for dinner and a bath then fall asleep exhausted, listening to crickets (and an occasional owl) while I dreamed up what fun things I would do the next day. No street lights meant you could see every star in the sky.

You know how when you’re quite young you don’t really keep track of what day it is in the summer time? Well, during summer break I’d look at the corn fields around where we lived. When the farmers planted corn I’d keep a close eye on it because when it grew tall it meant summer was coming to a close. By the time the corn was ready to pick I knew I’d be back on the school bus for another year of school. Funny how summers back then seemed to last forever then ended suddenly, without warning.

I still get a little bit sad when the leaves start to change colors. It’s pretty and all but I know they are dying. As they disappear so do hot days and warm nights, messy hair and bare feet, butterflies and song birds and the freedom of the season. When fall comes I know there will also be a long snowy, slushy winter and thick coats ahead. Then, of course spring, with the rain and mud. Many, many blustery days before my beloved summer comes back around.

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