Healthy vs unhealthy coping

Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to talk about recognizing unhealthy coping skills. If we don’t recognize them how can we change for the better, right?

I made a handy dandy image for you to save or share!

There are some things we can do instead. Sometimes it takes real work and effort to make a change from unhealthy bad habits to good healthy ones. When it comes to self care and self love, if you have any unhealthy coping skills, it should be number one on your list to turn those into healthy ones! Your stress level will drop and you’ll feel better mentally and physically.

These are just some unhealthy and healthy coping skills. These lists are not all inclusive.

For further reading and more good ideas you can take a look at this article, this one or this one. They are all good and will head you in the right direction.

Don’t forget to take good care of yourself. You so deserve it!

May you be happy and well.

PS If you haven’t seen it already, check out my post on boundaries. They are essential to good self care and positive coping skills!

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