Encouragement for the year end

Hi Friends,

Life has many ups and downs. There’s no stopping this rollercoaster once it starts. We keep going until the end of our ride. You can scream and cry in fear or raise your arms up and enjoy the ride.

You may have fought silent battles and had to pick yourself up many times this year but here you are. You dried your tears. You made it through.

I know you’ve had some victories too!

As the new year approaches, take a moment to be proud of those accomplishments and the way that you got over those hurdles.

In the new year I hope that you connect with new people, go on some adventures and surround yourself with positive energy. Learn something new and find your purpose and joy. May 2019 end on a positive note of hope and gratitude and 2020 be a fresh start for whatever is meaningful to you.

Whatever it is, I hope it brings you fulfillment and happiness!

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