I’ve been glutenized!

Oh boy. This health journey through diet feels like a rollercoaster. One day I feel like I conquered the beast that tried to get me down and the next I’m once again defeated by the sneaky and persistent monster that is my food intolerance.

I ate some hidden gluten (poison to me). Totes my bad. I’m still learning what strange sounding ingredients equal gluten.

This diet is all still fairly new to me. I’m constantly educating myself and trying really hard.

I’m not going to lie. These setbacks hurt. It’s so disappointing to be trying so hard to get better just to have the same symptoms all over again. The bloating is really bad. I look like I’m nine months preganant (not kidding). It’s painful. I feel ugly. I have other GI symptoms that aren’t fun either. I sometimes ask myself why a simple thing like eating has to be so difficult.

However, every time I have a setback I have learned one more thing I can’t eat which means I’m one step closer to finding out what all of my intolerances are.

Some people are silently gluten intolerant, meaning they have not yet developed symptoms (though it’s still bad for their body). I’m grateful that my body is communicating with me and that I’m now listening to it.

I’m grateful to be able to breathe, walk, talk, make my own decisions and care for myself. I’m grateful for free will and the ability to live my life any way I want. I’m grateful that there are experts in nutrition out there who give out information for free or through books that are inexpensive and easily accessible. I’m grateful my husband is supportive and interested in my health and wants me to be the best that I can be. There is far more I am grateful for than I’m upset about.

I have to have discipline and a strong conviction to be as healthy as I can be. I could just eat whatever I want and suffer the consequences or take medications for every symptom I develop, like I did before. But that’s not what this journey is about. It’s about gaining good health from diet and quality supplements. It’s about giving my body what it needs to live and be nourished and strong. If it means nothing processed, it means nothing processed. This journey is about living my best life the best way I know how. I am not going to slack on that.

Whatever your personal struggles are, always keep your focus on the bigger picture and what your ultimate goals are. Prioritize your day to do something that will get you one step closer to those goals. Even if you have a bad day or two, keep your focus and that fire burning within you to succeed. Ask yourself with every thought, action and word, “Is this bringing me closer or further from my goal?” then adjust accordingly.

It can be difficult to always stay self-motivated and disciplined. That’s why these blogs are so great. Whatever you may be going through, someone else can relate to. When you need a pep talk and encouragement, it will be there.

I’d love for this blog to grow into a community of people who just want the best for each other. There’s enough goodness to go around. When you succeed I succeed. I have empathy for your pain too.

My blog motto is, “Together we can do anything.” I honestly believe that is true.

I made the motto based off of one of my all time favorite quotes which is…

Thank you for reading.

May you be happy and well.

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