Follow the breadcrumbs

Do you ever wonder if you are directing your life from a place of ego or source?

As I’ve been working on raising my level of consciousness, I’ve been questioning my life’s choices. I wonder how many choices have been made from my egoic mind and how many from my heart, or higher self.

Can we be successful in life if we make choices from our egoic state of mind? I guess if one’s idea of success is making money, having material items and status, one could be successful. But that is not my idea of success. I’ve done that and have felt an emptiness inside of me.

If I stop to quiet my egoic mind and listen to my higher self, or source, I know those spiritually guided decisions will always work out for my higher good as well as the good of others. There is a leap of faith I have to take but there will be less stress and conflict as I will be in spiritual alignment with my choices.

Our ego mind tells us “first we have to do this, then this, then that,” in a certain order to attain certain things. That path often coincides with what society thinks, what others may think of us and what we think we are “supposed” to do. A lot of people call this the hustle. With that, also comes the idea that when we achieve or gain something we will then find happiness. However, as many of us know by now, that kind of happiness is short lived.

When we make choices based off of our intuition and heart, sometimes it doesn’t logically make sense. But the universe doesn’t work on a time line like the ego does. Sometimes we have to follow our spirit guides (angels or God) and trust that if we put something out there with love and purity for the goodness of ourselves and others, it will work out.

There are a lot of people who are searching for love and appreciation the wrong way. Instead of loving themselves and letting their light shine into the world, they create a false life and are starving for recognition and the kind of success that won’t ever be fulfilling because it’s not coming from a genuine place. They may be able to make money and be “successful” but there will be an emptiness.

I can speak of this because I understand it. I have no judgment of them because I, too, had to go through that kind of false success to make me realize it wasn’t fulfilling or what I truly wanted out of life.

I had a “successful” nursing career. I also had a blog with many followers from all over the world. No matter how much money I made, I wasn’t happy inside. I ended up selling my blog and starting over (and eventually starting this one after a long hiatus from blogging). I, personally, no longer want to put more praising of materialistic things into the world. There’s enough of that already. I know that if I blog about makeup and fashion and home decor I’ll gain followers. But those aren’t the kind of followers I want. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those things and I still have interest in them myself. There’s something for everyone out there and maybe it’s someone’s calling to make people feel better inside and out in that way. It’s more of the intention behind it and love one puts into it that matters. If making people feel beautiful or having a beautiful space is your vision and you do it with love from your heart you likely will be fulfilled and happy. That’s how you know you’re in alignment with a greater purpose. I chased those things, seeking happiness and fulfillment , at one time which was driven by ego and not love.

I actually put love into this blog. I write every post with an intention to take a reflective and introspective look at a topic that will benefit myself and hopefully another. It is a creative outlet for me. In my nursing work, I start the day with gratitude and love and put positive intentions to help someone to reach their highest potential, whatever that may be for them.

I know that there are many others who are seeking a more fulfilling experience in life. Others, like me, who are undergoing transformations for the better, whether it be their health, career, family or romantic life, finances or any area at all.

If you’re one of them I want to encourage you to keep going! Quiet your mind and make a conscious effort to stop the chatter of the ego. Realize that when you’re worried about what other people think, or are judging others, that comes from a place of ego and isn’t true to who you really are. There is no need to argue or fight with anyone, ever. Defensiveness is also an egoic state of mind. It’s ok to go separate ways from a job or person you are no longer aligned with. It’s more than ok to curate your social media and online relationships. You don’t need to feed into society’s idea of success. Who you are and what you have is more than enough. You are divine and wonderfully made. You are entitled to miracles just like anyone else. Ask for them. Ask for guidance if you need it.

Then be patient. Look for the signs and examine what comes your way. Don’t think with your ego-mind but make decisions from your heart, after you’ve meditated or prayed on it and know it whether it resonates or not with your soul. All answers that you make should come from a place of love. Then do that thing.

Sometimes the signs are little to the person who isn’t used to looking for them. They can be like breadcrumbs, so look carefully. After you’ve asked for guidance, the answers may be in the form of a song, a person may say or do something that sparks something in you, you may receive a message when you’re very still in the form of a new idea or images. It could even be this post. Keep following those breadcrumbs even if they don’t make sense in the moment. It’s all going to fit together piece by piece.

There’s so much more to this life than the hustle. I no longer think of situations as problems or obstacles getting in my way of my former idea of success. I think of unexpected outcomes as opportunities to learn and view them as blessings to be guided in another direction that is ultimately bigger and better than I could have imagined!

Are you also looking for another, more fulfilling way to love this precious life?

Have you seen the breadcrumbs that have been laid out for you?

I know they are there for each and every one of us. It’s only a matter of believing it and having faith that things will always work out for our highest good.

May you be happy and well. And may your angels be giving you clear signs that are easily recognizable and understood to lead you to your best life.

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