Dealing with holiday stress

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I just wanted to hop on here to talk about holiday stress. It’s that time of year where we are gathering with friends and family, hosting or attending parties, doing lots of cooking and shopping, and probably even working either in or outside our homes at the same time.

Though the holidays are exciting and fun, it’s inevitable that there will be some really busy days that may try to take a toll on us.

Here are a few tips to keep you sane during the busy holiday season that have worked for me.

You never realize how restorative sleep is until you’re not getting enough. Going to bed late many nights in a row will keep you dragging and not feeling your best. You may even experience irritability too. So set your phone alarm when it’s time to be done for the day and start unwinding and getting ready for sleep. You’ll be able to enjoy things more and feel better when you do.

I used to indulge in every holiday treat. “Well, maybe just a little,” I’d tell myself. The problem with that is that I’d end up in a carb coma and not feel well at all. Plus I felt guilty. Don’t use the holiday as an excuse to put unhealthy food into your body. Try making some healthy alternatives to bring to parties so you know you’ll have something to eat that’s not going to be so hard on your body. Look up gluten and sugar free recipes. (Not just gluten free because sometimes they just replace gluten with more sugar. Not cool). Agave, honey, Stevia and Monk fruit sugar are just a few sugar substitutes that are healthier. Almond flour can be used in a 1:1 ratio for all purpose flour. I’m going to be making these pecan pie bars.

While we’re doing more for others this time of year we can’t forget ourselves. Delegate tasks to family members, if needed, so that you can stay on track with your self care routine. If you don’t have one, it’s time to start! This blog and many others have tons of tips for you to try. Keep trying different things until you develop your own custom self care routine, then stick to it. You’ll soon look forward to a lavender epsom salt bath every evening or journaling by the fireplace or taking time to play with your pets or whatever it may be for you.

Lastly, try to stay in the moment. Take a little time to get organized and make a list of the most important things to do then just enjoy each part of the process of the holiday. The reason we decorate the house, make delicious meals, exchange gifts and get together for parties is to celebrate each other and life. Don’t rush through it or it will end up being a whirlwind that ended as quickly as it began. Savor time with friends. Enjoy wrapping presents. Keep things more simple if you need to in order to slow down. Let go of everything having to be perfect. Let’s face it, most families don’t look like a Norman Rockwell painting. We are who we are and that’s good enough. Don’t stress over a comment someone may make. Don’t dwell on how much you have to do. Just relax and be your beautiful self.

When we start getting flustered over not having enough money to do things the way we wish we could, or deprive ourselves of sleep to make the house look perfect, we are not appreciating each other, life or the holiday spirit.

Be an example of calm, peace and gratitude to the people around you. Take good care of yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff. Who you are and what you stand for is far more important that what you have or how things look to other people.

Being true to yourself is the best gift you can give to the world!

May you be happy and well!

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