My true ghost story

During a time when I was really in tune with the spirit world (you can read about that here) my husband and I had a ghostly visitor in our home.

We had just moved from Phoenix to Denver. While in Phoenix, before the move, I had a premonition that that I’d encounter a spirit but didn’t say anything about it to anyone. I was going through a difficult time with the move so just pushed it aside and tried to forget about it. I already had a bunch of paranormal experiences in Phoenix but at that time was trying to make rational excuses for them and wanted nothing to do with them. The thought of a ghost was frightening to me. I figured I was just nervous about some strange happenings I’d been experiencing. I did not want to have anything to do with the paranormal or “unknown.”

We were happy to finally be in Denver in a small but charming 1940’s home. However, we didn’t even finish unpacking before some strange things started happening.

The first of which was a loud knocking on a wall. I was in the kitchen and heard a pounding on the dining room wall which was also the shared kitchen wall. I thought my husband was hanging up a piece of art so started talking to him. Then I heard him, from the other side of the house, yell to me that he couldn’t hear what I was saying. I went to him and asked if he was banging and he said no. He hadn’t heard it either.

The next day I was in the kitchen at the sink again when I heard a loud noise behind me. I turned around to see a screwdriver had somehow rolled off the counter. How that was possible I could not figure out because it had an anti-roll type handle.

We chose the back bedroom to be the master but it had a small closet. My husband took that closet and I made the front bedroom into a large closet and vanity for myself to get ready. We also had a desk in there to use it as an office. It was always freezing cold in that room. We contributed it to being an older house with poor insulation. None of our three dogs would go into that room.

One thing that kept recurring during those first few months is that the garage lights would be left on. We had boxes in the garage and were back and forth from the garage to the house a lot so my husband and I blamed each other for leaving the lights on. When it would get dark, the neighbors would tell us the lights were on again. The garage door was left open multiple times as well. At that time we kept the garage door opener in the house hanging on a coat rack. We thought we were accidentally pressing it so moved it. It was really getting to the point that we were annoyed. We both swore we didn’t leave the door or the light on. It was beginning to feel “weird.”

One day when I was alone in the house I felt a presence in my husband’s closet area while I was in bed waiting for him. It felt like I was being watched. The door to the closet was open and our dog, Barney, would not stop barking at the closet. It seemed like I could not calm him down. He ended up calming himself down after some time. I told my husband about it and he said he thought it was because it was raining. It didn’t make sense to me and that’s when I told him I think we have a ghost.

He did not believe it. He rationalized everything that was happening: old house, old wiring, uneven surfaces, creaks from the floor, etc.

I decided I’d do a house cleansing with sage. My husband was home at the time. I love sage and have used it before so it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary. I was putting intentions to clear any old energy and making the house our own. I made sure to go into each room and every corner.

It did not work.

Right after I did the smudging, the house started to smell really bad. The sage itself smelled fine but once it was put out, the house started to smell like old garbage. We checked to see if there was any old garbage in the kitchen but there was not. We looked around and couldn’t find the origin of the smell but it was getting worse. It started smelling like rotten meat (and we were vegetarian. That rancid smell was making me feel sick). We ended up opening all the windows and doors despite it being cold out. It took a while to clear up. I thought that would convince my husband but he was still not sure.

So things moved around and lights flickered for a while. The garage was still a problem and the dogs would go nowhere near the cold room for months. One of our dogs barked at the ceiling. Our little one would sit up, beg and cry to thin air. She normally only did that to us when she wanted to be picked up. It was really bizarre. It was like she could see someone that we could not. I was so glad my husband witnessed that.

Then one night something happened to convince my husband we had a ghost in our house. We were lying in bed in complete darkness ready to go to sleep when I mentioned to him that I really believe we need to do something about the ghost. At that moment my bedside lamp turned on and off. Just as he was beginning to say “that was weird,”his bedside lamp turned on and off. He knew then they were not just coincidences. It was pretty dramatic in a dark room to have a light go on and off then another.

He asked the neighbors about who lived in the house before us. They said it was a guy who was always in the garage working on his car. Interesting.

I had a friend of mine who knows about the paranormal come to our home to get his opinion. He walked around our house and said he had a bad feeling about a certain statue that was given to me by the family of a former hospice patient. He did not know where I obtained it from. I immediately picked it up to take it out to the trash. As I was walking down the sidewalk I was pushed by something to the side and into the grass. I fell down completely. When I came back in I told my husband and friend and they saw the grass stains on my jeans. My husband went out and smashed the statue and took it all the way out to the dumpster in the alley. He definitely believed me. Especially since there was another person there feeling the same as I felt.

My friend continued to look around and ended up in the garage. He climbed up the ladder to the garage attic and yelled “GET OUT” when he felt a presence lingering up there.

I don’t know why we didn’t think to tell it to go but my friend definitely said it with conviction.

We never had another experience after that.

The garage door and light worked fine. The cold room was no longer cold and my dogs went in the formerly cold room and acted like normal dogs after that. All of that happened the first year we lived there. We stayed for four more years without incident.

I can’t explain it other than there was an entity (or maybe more) attracted to and hanging out in that house. I don’t know what it wanted but think it/they were attracted to my spirit or knew I would feel their presence. I never attempted to communicate with it. This was just at the beginning of my little awakening that I was truly having supernatural things happening to me and around me. At the time, it was very scary. I was on edge and felt panicky when these things wound happen. I was worried that were in danger. But besides being pushed, it was a just bunch of little things happening. Things that were annoyances or curiosities but not really threatening. Even when I was pushed, it wasn’t with a ton of force. It was just enough to knock me over but not hurt me.

I’ve done a lot of reading about such things since then and have opened my mind a lot. I realize that there are things that happen that some people are in tune to while others are not. I knew what I knew and not even my husband could convince me otherwise. My husband has since been the one to convince me that I have some psychic abilities.

I don’t do anything with it. It just happens sometimes. For example, I once had a dream that a coworker had kidney problems. Out of curiosity I told her my dream and asked her if she did have kidney problems. She went to the doctor and came back to tell me she has Stage 1 kidney disease and is going to be treated for it. I know which jobs to take and when to quit. For example, just after I quit one job, the company was bought out and went in a bad direction. Things things like that happen. I’ve learned how to remain calm and listen when I’m getting an intuition.

Maybe one day we will have a better understanding of these things. Until then, it is up to each person to decide for themselves what they believe.

Who else has a ghost story?

How has your intuition helped you in the past?

Do you trust your intuition no matter how strange it may seem?

I’m curious to know!

Thanks so much for reading.

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  1. Omg. That is so spooky!!! Aaaahhhh!! This one gave me goosebumps. Definitely going to go sage the house lol no thank you! Eep 😛

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