Reinventing yourself

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about reinventing ourselves.

People reinvent themselves for lots of reasons. They may not be happy with their current path. They may have had some unfortunate circumstance happen in their life and feel they need a fresh start (divorce, loss of job, death in the family, etc). They may just feel stuck or burned out. Or, they may just be ready for a new adventure.

We may not necessarily call it “reinventing ourselves” but we actually do it all the time. We develop new hobbies, get different careers, move to a new location and start doing activities we never did before. It can be drastic or subtle but most of us are constantly changing and evolving.

Although some people are perfectly content living in the same town and doing the same job their entire lives (and there is nothing wrong with that, whatsoever), I can’t imagine that being for me. I’m ready for an overhaul of my life and have started this journey to a new me. I decided to take an overall look at my life which has helped me define some areas that need attention and change.

You, too, can incorporate positive changes into your life. Even if you’re completely happy and satisfied with your current situation, I believe it’s important to take inventory once in a while and find ways to improve and grow.

Let’s examine different aspects of our lives where we have control and can make improvements as needed. Ask yourselves the following questions to get an idea of where you may be stuck in a rut or just need some tweaking.

I invite you to read the following questions with the intention to be open to contemplate different areas of your life where change might be welcome.

Physical Health: Have you had a recent physical exam? Is there any area you need to be working on such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, weight reduction or blood sugar control? Are you happy with your overall stamina or do you need to incorporate more exercise? How’s your sleep pattern? Can you do something there to improve it? What about pain? Is it affecting you day to day? Do you need physical therapy or any holistic treatments to improve your comfort level?

Mental Health: How’s your stress level? Ask yourself throughout the day the following questions: What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this way? Is there something I can do to improve it? Our bodies are constantly trying to tell us something. Have you been getting headaches or stomachaches due to stress or anxiety? Have you been depressed? Do you have trouble controlling anger? Do you smile and laugh at least a dozen times throughout the day? Whatever issues you can identify you can fix. Do some research on those areas to tune up your mental health.

Relationships: How’s your family life? How about your romantic relationship? Do you feel like you’re being heard, appreciated and loved? Do you have any quarrels with anyone right now? What are you doing to resolve them? Is there anyone you need to forgive from your past (including yourself)? Have you removed “toxic” people from your life? (Here is my post about how to identify a toxic person) Do you have supportive friends or family? Have you secluded yourself and built up walls or are you open to receiving love and companionship? How’s your relationship with yourself? Do you feel whole as a person? If not, why?

Career: Do you love it? Does it bring you joy? Are you being paid what you’re worth? Is it time for advancement? Are you well respected and appreciated or do you dread going to work? How’s your attitude towards work? Are you appreciative and enthusiastic or are you just tolerating it and waiting for the day to end? Are there ways that you might be able to challenge yourself at work? Is your resume up to date? Are you keeping your eyes and ears open for better positions? Do you have issues with coworkers or your boss? What are they and how can you resolve them? Do you need to take any formal classes or educate yourself to further your career?

Spiritual: How do you view life, in general? Do you find it a pleasure and joy to be alive in this world? Can you be content in the moment or are you constantly seeking happiness that will happen sometime in the future when you…get a new car, lose weight, earn your degree (fill in the blank)? Do you find beauty in and appreciate the little things? Do you have any sort of spiritual practice such as meditation, going to church or temple, praying or even just finding a place of calm in nature where you can decompress and center? Are there any spiritual practices you can begin to incorporate into your life to bring you back to center and peace? What are you feeding your soul?

Self-care: What are you doing on a daily basis to take care of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically? How do you maintain your inner peace and bring equilibrium to your life away from work and family duties? What are you doing just for you? What would you like to do just for you?

Appearance: How do you want to show up in the world? Is it time for a new hairstyle or color? For men, would you like to try different facial hair? Women, what new and different lipstick color do you want to try? Would you like to go to a makeup counter and learn how to do makeup differently? What about your clothing? Is it time to add more color or pattern? Are you in need of new shoes? Do you need to update socks and underwear? Is there some style you’ve been wanting to try out that may be different than your usual? Even small changes can make you feel really different if they are out of the norm.

Creativity: In what ways are you able to express yourself creatively? What new hobbies or crafts interest you? What form of the arts interest you? Do you participate in any community projects or classes? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet? If so, now is the time.

Values: What are your values? Whether they are love, honesty, perseverance, compassion, kindness or anything else, how do you incorporate them into your life? If you value honesty, for example, are you honest and sincere with the people in your life? Do you associate yourself with others who are honest and sincere? What acts of sincerity can you think of to do? Are you sincere and honest with yourself? Identify your values and go through each one in this way to see if you are being congruent with your beliefs. If not, find out why and how you can uphold your values and integrity better.

These are just some starter questions for you to consider. I’m currently in the middle of a slight career change so with it I’ve decided to make some other changes as well. Whenever I do this it makes me feel more alive, younger, more adventurous and vibrant. It gives me such a good feeling to look at my life this way, reevaluate different areas and make some positive changes. I know that, in this way, I am the director of my life and am living in the way I want, being true to myself. It just makes me feel more happy.

You are in total control of your life too. You can travel down any path you want to. If you want to travel more then make a plan, pick a date and go for it. If you want to try new foods at a new restaurant it can be a fun change. Even just trying a new perfume/cologne can make you feel different and fresh.

What do you do when it’s time for a change?

Do you like big or little changes?

What’s on your bucket list?

Are you going to go for it?

I hope you found something useful in this post!

May you be happy and well.

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