Rainy Day

Hi Friends,

It’s a blustery day here today. It’s overcast and chilly and the wind is picking up. It’s the perfect day to curl up and read a book with a cup of hot tea. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve been sent a manuscript by my author friend who gave me the honor and privilege of reading it. It’s about a hospice nurse and several other characters who have gone on a self-improvement type get away in the woods. I suppose that’s all I should say!

My friend and I worked at the same hospice for several years. We’ve kept in touch here and there even though I’ve moved away. I’m about halfway through the manuscript and have to say it’s pretty good!

It’s only Wednesday but I’m thinking of some weekend plans. Last week we carved pumpkins at our son’s and son-in-law’s house.

That’s mine with the little Ninja Turtle figurine inside.

I think this weekend we will stay home. I have a few ideas for some simple fall decor I want to do. I also wanted to find some new recipes.

I downloaded and have been using an app called “Lose it!” which is a calorie counter. I’ve lost two pounds in the first week I’ve been using it. I want to keep it up during the holidays so I can continue to lose weight rather than be set back by gaining in these upcoming tempting months. I should be at my goal weight by spring. Since calorie counting, I quickly realized I can eat a larger quantity of healthy food for the same calories as one small snack item (especially the purchased, packaged kind). I’ve also eliminated my favorite Peppermint Sweet Tea as a regular drink and have it only once at the end of the day if I have some extra calories to spare. It’s caffeine-free so makes a nice after dinner drink.

Have you read any good books lately?

Have you decorated your home for fall?

Do you have any great recipes to share? (When I find some I’ll definitely post them here).

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