A Sweet & Simple Thanksgiving

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Instead of thinking about all the things you have to do if you are preparing a Thanksgiving gathering such as a grocery list, home cleaning and decorating checklists, (you can find tons of those on Pinterest) I propose we all think about the simpler yet more important types of things this year.

My favorite memories of Thanksgiving growing up were a home warmed by the oven on a crisp, cool day with crunchy leaves on the ground outside, the scent of multiple dishes cooking and spices of the season and sitting around the table after the meal to just talk and unwind while the guys went to watch football or hang out in the living room. Did your family have a kid’s table or was that just ours?

Let’s think about the Thanksgiving atmosphere and how to have a simple yet beautiful and homey holiday, shall we?

The guests. How about thinking about who we really want to spend time with for starters? Maybe this year you can keep it smaller or host a neighbor you know won’t have family to spend time with.

The meal. Not everything has to be homemade. Meals don’t have to be fancy or time consuming to be delicious and special. How about ordering some sides from a good deli or restaurant? Or purchasing some desserts and putting them on a pretty plate?

The table. A nicely decorated table does make the day extra special in my opinion. If you don’t have enough plates how about going to Goodwill and finding some pretty but mismatched China? Add candles, little pumpkins in muted colors on the table with some greenery and candles and you have a beautiful, inexpensive table setting.

Decorations. There are so many simple diy decoration ideas on Pinterest. If diy and crafting is your thing you can really go to town and have fun with them. If not, even adding a bowl full of oranges and cloves can still elevate the mood to feel very holiday-like.

The mood. Some background music is always nice. Being able to take one’s shoes off and really relax after a meal is so nice. If you don’t have enough seating, having blankets stacked on the floor is a really nice way to invite guests to gather ’round. Another mood maker is scents. Candles, melted wax or even plug-ins that smell like cinnamon or apple cider are my favorite.

Remember when planning your holidays this year to just do your best and forget the rest. Everything will come together beautifully when you’re not stressed and can truly relax and enjoy your company.

Will you be going all out this year for Thanksgiving or keeping it simple?

What Thanksgiving traditions does your family have? Is it time to start some new ones?

Do you have any favorite memories of Thanksgiving?

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