The new luxury

In the past, if I thought of the word luxurious I thought of indulgence, extravagance, high living and especially costly. Dream trips to exotic beaches, lavish furnishings and clothing, designer everything and expensive dinners out.

I thought I’d never have a life of luxury. My how my thoughts have changed!

Every single day I find something luxuriously pleasurable. Only now it’s enjoying a hot cup of creamy cocoa while being wrapped in my ultra soft pink, fuzzy blanket. It’s sitting out on our deck with our little dog, Peanut, while soaking up the sun and drinking fresh peppermint sweet tea. It’s taking a drive to the mountains with my husband during the fall when we get to see all the leaves changing colors on the trees. I love getting the car all clean, packing some snacks and drinks and listening to music on the way. We bring our homemade walking sticks and go for a little walk along some trails or a full on hike if we want to. It’s like a vacation in our own “backyard” of Colorado.

Luxury isn’t just for the wealthy. It can be and that’s fine. It can also be adding strawberry cheesecake for dessert to your ordinary family supper and serving it on the good plates (which for me are my Buscia’s plates that she served us on when we were younger).

Living a (new definition) luxurious life for me has been a side effect of living in the moment. If you think of luxurious living as the way I did in the past you wouldn’t exactly think it equates to living in the moment. The way I see it now though, is that there are many every day moments that we would normally take for granted that could really be special and even indulgent if we just take the time to really enjoy them.

Yeah, that’s me enjoying a bubble bath while sipping on tea and listening to music.

To enjoy the simple pleasures of life is to really live life, in my opinion. In all honesty, I could have chosen a life of working many hours and having one “luxurious” vacation a year, or designer everything or exquisite furnishings. But why? So I could run around like a chicken with my head cut off and never enjoy the small every day moments of joy?

I’d seriously rather have more time because that is the greatest luxury in this crazy busy world.

What every day luxuries do you enjoy?

What is your definition of luxury?

When you live in the moment, do you find that life goes at a slower, more enjoyable pace?

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