Self-Care Sunday: 12 Best ASMR Videos

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a subjective experience of relaxation and pleasant tingling sensations triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli.

I only learned there was a definition for this a few years ago but have always had the tingles and enjoyable, relaxing and comforting feelings when hearing certain sounds. I love when wood is tapped on or certain papers crinkle.

I personally also get the tingles when I feel things with my hands such as the soft silky part at the end of old blankets or baby blankets, the feeling of writing with a pen on certain types of surfaces like cardboard and squishing slime or running my fingers through beans. It’s the strangest thing!

More sounds I love are the brushing of hair and certain words being whispered.

This is a form of relaxation. It can help take your mind off of a stressful situation. It may also help you to fall asleep.

My husband doesn’t “get it” at all. He experiences nothing when listening to some of the videos I had him try. So you may not feel anything at all.

But if you do, you are in for a real treat because today I compiled some of my favorite ASMR artists and their videos for you.

Wood tapping

Tapping and scratching

Qi Music Sounds

Role playing hair wash

Role play haircut

Whispering, back scratching and brushing

Whispering self esteem and confidence

No talking: triggers galore

Tingle city!

Thich Nhat Hahn’s unintentional ASMR

An hour of hair brushing without talking.

3 hours of sounds to fall asleep to

Soap cutting and crushing

Kinetic sand

Sand cutting compilation

Mouth sounds, scratching and more.

If you are new to ASMR and likes some of these videos or want to explore more sounds just do a google search or go to Youtube. There are so many different ones that may appeal to you that are not in this post.

There are lots of ASMR IG accounts as well if you’d like to see some ASMR in your IG feed to you calm and tingly.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s a little different so I know not everyone will be into it so even if you aren’t, check back on Sundays for lots more ideas for Self-Care Sunday. Self-care is my favorite thing to blog about. I want everyone to be able to relax after a busy week. There are so many ways to unwind. It’s fun to explore them and see what will work.

May you be happy and well.

Images from WeHeartIt and Unsplash

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