Friday favs: Pink home decor. Just because.

Obsessing over pink AGAIN and ceramics by Hitomi Hosono.

(Wallpaper by Gucci. Ooh la la)

Hitomi Hosono

A perfect skyline in Kuala Lampur

I honestly believe that pink in the right shade can go with absolutely anything. It’s a neutral if you choose the right shade.

And this photo of a fox sipping from a cup.

All images are from ElleDecor Russia. I totally stalked their IG to get them all. Go check out their IG account for more home interior inspiration.

Except for this last image

which is from Houseofhipster

Anyone else loving shades of pink this year?

Hope you enjoyed the fancy shamancy pink home interiors show that I, for one, will not be able to recreate anytime in the near future! ;)~

May you be happy and well.

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