Spring Craft: Ages 3+ with help!

This one can be done with your kids. I really like the idea of letting kids getting their hands dirty. I think they would love to dip them into paint (or even color them prior with crayons, watercolor or acrylic paints). I also think they would love to fluff them out and scrunch them up.

When I get a kiddo (patient) who is old enough to do this, I am definitely going to do this craft with them. (I’ve been working with babies/toddlers for a while now).

Aren’t the pretty and so spring-like?

I can see them decorating any kids’ room, hanging from their window or on top of a dresser. Girls and boys alike! They can even be done in sports colors, animals prints or whatever your hearts desire!

You can take the opportunity to teach them the parts of flowers as well or talk about Spring. What is their favorite part of spring? Look for birds like Robins and talk about all the baby animals being born around this time. Look for all the types of flowers around the yard or neighborhood, new leaves on trees, as well as birds, bunnies and squirrels that come out more this time of year.

I suggest varying the way you cut the tips once folded to explore different effects and types of flowers. Make some rounded while others are pointed, etc.

It meets my criteria for a kid’s craft which are:

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Easy
  3. Simple, accessible supplies
  4. Creative
  5. Cute
  6. Also fun for adults
  7. Not too time consuming
  • Here’s the link (and credit for this great craft) for the best full pictorial tutorial I could find.

    Let me know if you try this with your kids and what age they are. I’d love to see pictures too!

    May you be happy and well! Have a fantastic Spring!

    Here are some miscellaneous images from Pinterest to spark your imagination!

    And for an alternative easy toddler project:

    Have fun!

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