5 more IG accounts I love and you will too!

IG Accounts Part Deux!


You’re going to love this woman. I didn’t know about her until I saw her on Russell Brand’s YouTube channel. After I saw this, I instantly looked her up on IG and followed her. What I get from her feed is more than just body positivity. She’s brave, intelligent and beautiful. Her message is that media tries to make us feel like crap and we fall right into the trap unless we educate ourselves, become AWARE of the mental “food” we’re digesting and curate the crap out of the content we allow ourselves to see. I personally relate to all of that because I’ve been doing it for myself for a while now and have noticed a big difference in my own life. However, I’m not quite ready to post any photos of myself in a bikini yet. Maybe one day!

Wild Passengers

This account is mostly about humans helping animals and animals helping animals and animals helping humans. I just love every single post. A “restored faith in humanity” kinda blog. So much love! Most of the posts are very short videos but they did have this cute pic on there that I’m showing above. Much to love on this account.


This site is WAY too relatable. Like, scary relatable. How do they KNOW??????


If you like house plants, you’ll like this site. It’s very pretty. Not educational but very inspirational. It just makes me feel good to see live, healthy, happy houseplants in my feed. My home has them so my feed should have them too, ami-right?


Follow this site because…free yoga tuts (duh). Yoga classes are darn expensive!

That’s already five!

Don’t forget to follow ours as well for daily inspirations and maybe a selfie or two. 😊

It’s small but slowly growing. Everyone has to start somewhere!


May you be happy and well!

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