Get organized today! Free printable lists for you

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

I couldn’t find a free printable “to do list” that was really basic, black and white only (so it didn’t use up my precious ink) and could be customizable for pretty much anything (grocery list, workouts, work and home to-do side by side or whatever).

You might wonder why I don’t just use a regular piece of paper. I used to do that all the time but having different categories keeps it more organized. I originally made one for nursing so I could stay on track and found it immensely helpful. It helps me mentally to put things into categories and then list the priorities on top of each category. I pretty much keep a clipboard with me at all times because I’m that type of nerd! I call it my brain and have had one since nursing school. Maybe I’m the only one who likes paper lists these days, I don’t know. I do use my phone for grocery lists and other things but this daily to-do has become a habit that really does help me stay on track. There is also such gratification in making those little check marks when a task has been completed!

I’ll also include a sample of how I use one of these at the very end. I like to mix them up and see what works best. The ones that are blank can be used for holiday or project planning and be ongoing. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing. Other ideas I’ve tried are using one as a health tracker where I use the columns for exercise, weight, water intake, motivational quotes or whatever I think of. Wherever there’s a post it note, I always use that space for priorities.

Use your imagination! Here you go! Enjoy!

Option 1.

Just copy and paste any of these images then print. They don’t take a lot of ink!

Option 2

Option 3
Last option/Pre-titled

Please let me know if you try them! If it’s helpful I’ll share some other worksheets I made for various things. I’m a lister so have them for cleaning each room etc. I’m going to throw in a couple I made for the bathroom and kitchen cleaning so you get an idea of the type of lists I make.

Let me know if you want me to do more of these! By the way, I don’t clean like this every day. This is for “company cleaning!” (wink).

I have the ones below laminated because, again, I am a geeky nerd, but ALSO so I can check things off with a dry erase marker as I go then wipe it clean at the end. That way I don’t have to print them out each time. (I’m a clever girl)

Maybe it’s kinda creepy and over the top to some of you but it helps me stay focused and makes me feel amazing when it’s all done! If you want these, feel free to copy and save. (I need to credit Apartment Therapy for this idea! I don’t have the actual link to their original post but they did something similar on their 30 day cleaning series. Haha! I know I’m not the ONLY one who does this!)

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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