Amazing outdoorsy homes that will take your breath away!

I found some images from a google search a while back that I had sitting in my phone. (I apologize but did not save links. If the photo belongs to you please let me know. I’ll be happy to give credit or remove it).

I really just wanted to share these amazing secluded homes surrounded by nature. I think they somehow tell stories on their own. They take my breath away!

This might be a barn but I love the image.

What do you think? Could you live in a place nestled in the woods or mountains? Do you already live in a place like this? If so, what do you love about it? Or, could one of these be your idea of a getaway?

I came from a small town. I have had the good fortune of living in the country and the city. Experiencing both made me realize I love country living much more.

There’s actually more work to do in country life. You have to do some planning as far as meals and appointments, etc. It takes a long time to get anywhere and most likely you can’t walk there unless you happen to have a nearby neighbor. The town that I lived in was very small but we were not totally secluded like this. I did know some people who were more secluded than we were.

Some people had there own plow in front of their truck because, well, no one is coming to plow your road for you. You will be chopping wood for a fireplace or wood burning stove. If you’re feeling sick and don’t have medicine handy it’s a real pain because you can’t just zip to Walgreens and back in 10 minutes like you can in the city or suburbs (and who feels like going out when they’re sick? Yuk). There are quite a few disadvantages. For some people it may get lonely (not for me).

However, there is nothing like an open sky at night when you can see all the stars, the peace and quiet of not being near any traffic, listening to crickets and owls at night, the calls of the coyotes, the freedom of opening all your doors and windows for the day and letting the breeze come inside or the view of nature around you; trees, grass, flowers and animals. I also love that it gets pitch black at night. It’s great for sleeping and, as I already mentioned, star gazing. The air is fresher. The mood is calmer. The pace is slower. And there’s a freedom in having the privacy to do whatever you want with your space. Speaking of space…the space I think is what I love the most.

In my opinion, that can’t be beat. Nature is just so healing.

What are your thoughts?

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