Have you seen this?

Is this Selma Blair interview an inspiration?

As a nurse, I feel SO lucky to have had my first few years of nursing experience with doctors who listened to their patients and taught me how to listen to mine.

I’ve been on the patient side myself when I didn’t feel heard or was made to feel crazy or wrong in some way and it is SO degrading, depressing, frustrating and annoying.

I’m glad she’s getting good help, speaking out and showing the world that she’s still herself despite her diagnosis of MS. I feel for anyone who has an illness that stops them from living a full life. It’s hard to stay in bed when your mind wants to go out and enjoy life. Celebrities speaking out about physical and mental illnesses show the world that we are all human and no one is without trials. Despite outer appearances we are all the same inside. Celebrities aren’t perfect people and don’t have to pretend to be perfect.

My only wish is that everyone could get proper medical attention and have a stable financial status or support from our country to be able to take the time off they need to recuperate without having to stress over medical bills. I’ve seen too many cases of patients splitting their pills in half or having to choose between medication and food. It isn’t right to have the extra stress of bills on top of medical problems.

I get a little frustrated seeing a leather cane embedded with a diamond when there are sick children and exhausted parents who have nothing. People who have lost their jobs to stay home with their kids or have to work extra hard and never get to see their kids because their children were born sick. That is not fair.

I’ve had to purchase walkers and such from thrift stores to give to my patients whose insurance company wouldn’t pay for something they needed that would provide basic functionality. Having a walker or medication is a basic need and human right that should be covered by insurance.

Nonetheless, I’m happy that famous people stepping out, bringing awareness and truth to what a chronic illness feels like. The quote I posted here and the fact that she admitted to self medicating with alcohol at times and feeling frustrated for not being taken seriously in the beginning by doctors, is what impressed me the most.

THAT is the truth I am happy she spoke about.

I hope more people will focus on this and start to better understand chronic conditions and the support that really is needed for those people who suffer with them.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

May you be happy and well.

5 Instagram accounts you should know about!

Joe Therapy

No nonsense stretches anyone can do. It is like getting free physical therapy. He is very knowledgeable, doesn’t post a lot of personal stuff, gets right to the point of stretches and exercises for every muscle group. He posts short videos (so you can see the exercises in action with the correct postures needed) and gives brief but understandable instructions. There are a lot of other physical therapists out there who go into more educational detail but this guy has found the perfect sweet spot of being not too chatty or educational (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you want to learn everything you can but I want to just know the stretch) and being direct, informative and personable. Not annoying at all. I just love his account. You can scroll through it to easily find whatever muscle group you want to target because of the clear photos he posts like the one above.


Her name is Hannah and she’s a super cool, hippy-ish, feminist, yoga-doing, ballsy, what- you-see is-what-you-get woman who shares her journey of life with the world like an open book. I mean, a whole lot of her life; all the good, bad, beautiful, even sometimes ugly or regrettable parts of life that a lot of people would choose to keep personal. I find her to be fascinating, inspiring, motivational yet down to earth. Besides showing her incredible yoga routines, she’s able to capture her life in her account in a way that’s at all not in your face. I can just tell she’s a beautiful person inside and out because her authenticity really shows.


Dr. Michael Gregor, MD, promotes a plant based diet but even if you are a meat eater (probably especially if you are a meat eater) you should check it out because there is some really good info on there. There’s stuff I’ve learned from here that surprised me, validated my plant-based diet and encouraged me to continue on the path of eating healthier. It motivates me to do better with my diet. I know that when I eat healthier I always feel better but sometimes I do need motivation (in the form of education) so I don’t fall back into old unhealthy patterns of eating. I believe that moderation is key to any diet. I can’t live off of plants alone. I need some chocolate in my life or I might go insane. It’s nice to have dinner out sometimes and just not even worry about the calories. But I am one who needs to know the rationale behind things before I will follow it. I don’t want someone to tell me to eat this vegetable because it’s good for me. This site gives you the facts. I like that. I haven’t purchased his cookbook yet but it is on my list. isn’t it nice to see a medical doctor talking about nutrition and prevention of disease?


I was SO sad when the actual magazine stopped publishing in 2009. It was relaunched in 2013 with Michelle Adams (co-founder of Lonny mag, another one of my favorites) as the editor in chief. In 2018 it was acquired by a digital media company called “Multiply” from its original owners. Regardless of all of that, the IG account has all the same types of photos I loved from the original magazine. I’m not sure what it is about what they capture but I’m always inspired to make my home a nicer place when I look at the photos. There’s something about them that are stylish, fresh and most importantly, attainable. The homes always look like someplace anyone could live in, not just the rich and famous. I’m not rich or famous so I tend to not follow people who are. Though other design sites are beautiful, if I can’t attain the look, they don’t inspire me.

The Dodo

No words necessary. Just look at a couple of posts of these amazing, adorable, quirky, lovable animals and BAM! You’re hooked.

There you have it! I don’t know if these are obvious IG accounts to follow or not but maybe there’s one or two you had overlooked?

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