What is beauty?

So many blogs are absolutely beautiful. I see photos of beautiful people with seemingly perfect lives who have adventures every weekend and travel to beautiful resort locations. I’ve seen some beautiful home decor blogs as well with amazing fine furnishings. Some popular blogs show their hauls of beautiful clothes or makeup or tech gadgets. Must be the life.

I like to look at them sometimes. I have a big collection of home decor photos on my own Pinterest page. It’s fun to see what others are doing, how they spend their time and money. It’s fun to get ideas. I love originality in everything from art, clothing, home decor to makeup; you name it.

I used to want to live a life like I saw in the photos but never quite attained it. Now that I’m older and have experienced much in my life, my perception of beauty no longer lies in material objects.

Here is what beauty is to me.

That magical time of day when everything the light hits no longer looks ordinary but more like a dream.

Solitude. Quiet. The sounds of nature.

The companionship of a pet who loves you unconditionally, nonjudgmentally and asks for nothing but your presence in return. The kind that teaches you what it means to forgive quickly, live in the moment and express pure joy and excitement in all that you do. A true companion til the end.

Taking the road less traveled and enjoying the journey along the way.

A belly laugh with a friend.

Getting to experience being a parent for the first time. Being able to bring your newborn home. 10 fingers and 10 toes. Not knowing how you’re going to do it but knowing it’s going to be the greatest journey of your lifetime.

Honoring and respecting all life, no matter how small. Standing side by side with all living creatures knowing we are not above or below. We are all the same. We all share the same desire to live, eat, breathe, have companionship and freedom.

When the sun hits the water creating sparkling, flickering lights. It reminds me of a dance of pure joy between light and water.

Intimate moments shared between your partner in life.

Sunlight through the trees.

The smell of fresh grass and foliage after the rain.

Caring for someone who can never repay you.

Small and big victories.

Genuine smiles. Children in general. They are so innocent and pure before they become shaped into what others believe they should be.

Standing up for your rights and what you believe in and the freedom to be able to do so.

Protecting, advocating and caring for someone who cannot do so for themselves. It’s not only beautiful but brave and honorable.

Stars at night in the open sky. I was born in Chicago. You just don’t see a night sky the same when you’re in the city. I now live in Colorado. I appreciate an open sky on a clear night so much.

Seeing animals in their natural habitat. I love animals so much. We used to frequent the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. At one point I knew a lot of the animals names. I could sit and watch the apes for hours if I had the chance. However, there is nothing like seeing an animal in the wild. Magical, beautiful nature; a sight to behold. It always makes me feel lucky to have been at the right place at the right time.

Forgiveness. True forgiveness is rare and precious.

Music. Live music especially.

Authenticity. To be true to yourself for who you really are in a world that expects everyone to be the same is truly beautiful in my eyes.

Being able to turn to your side and see this. To love and be loved. This is my husband of 32 years. The love of my life. My love and my light. A beautiful person inside and out.

Don’t forget to see the beauty in your life. It’s there every day. Even in the seemingly ordinary moments. Especially there.


(Besides my husband, none of the other photos are mine. All from a free site called Unsplash).

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