More toddler activities!

Hi there! I’ve been absent a bit for several reasons. Firstly, I went to Indiana to visit my parents because my dad was in poor health. Thankfully he is improving but is still having some weakness after an infection and surgery. I’ve also been without a patient for a bit so have been taking the time to do some major purging and organizing. My goodness, that is a job that never seems to end. I was just telling my hubs this morning that even though it doesn’t LOOK like I’ve been doing anything all day, I swear I have been!

Anyway, in searching for more toddler activities I found this amazing site! I wanted to share this with you! Holy cow, this blogger has got it together!

Check out this amazing list she put together!


There’s even more at the link!

I’m including some mommy quotes too because, well, what mommy couldn’t use a mommy quote now and again?







Abraham Lincoln Quotes


Don’t forget to do some self-care today!