Summer is upon us!

If you’re in the US, you know that summer is upon us. The kids are out of school or soon will be, the weather is getting hotter (depending on where you live, of course) and your thinking to yourself, “How will I keep these kids occupied for the WHOLE summer?”

Fear not!!!!!

I am dedicating a big part of this blog to helping you with just that! I’ll have lots of activity ideas in one place. Why would you not go to Pinterest, you may ask yourself, for these ideas. Well, you can. In fact, I’ll be getting lots of ideas from there as well. However, I’m going to add some ideas to these activities to make sure they are safer for special needs kiddos, a little more educational, provide sensory stimulation and cost very little money. I’ll do the research for you and even try out a lot of the projects myself. No Pinterest FAILS here. I’ll be sure to post things that are doable with easy to fairly easy cleanup and let you know about how much time it takes, cost of project and overall fun factor.

I’ll rate them like this:

Cost in: supplies

Cost in: time

Cost in: cleanup

Cost in: sanity

I might post some fails too just so you can see what not to do!

Follow me and check back often for summer ideas to keep those kids busy!