Household Products I use

Are you a cleaning product junkie? Let’s be honest with each other.

I feel like we’re friends now so I can admit to you that I used to *want* to believe every product ad I saw. I swear I was such a sucker! I’ve narrowed my cleaning products down to these and honestly have been really happy with how they clean. I’m all about having to scrub less and let the product do the work but there has been no product out there that I have found that gets me off the hook of using a little elbow grease. Even the nasty smelling, industrial strength, chemical filled ones and believe me, those are GROSS, bad for humans, animals and the environment.

Dawn dish detergent- dishes, washing outside of car, washing delicate clothes in sink, using sparingly in a bucket to wash floors, counters, stovetop, bathroom

Bon Ami- used with a little Dawn for grimy pots and pans, stainless steel, stovetop if grimy, jewelry cleaner, anything greasy or grimy. It is environmentally friendly.

Essential Oils- Room sprays, perfume, used for colds, in the bath for aches and pains and other minor ailments. Use in the cleaning bucket with Dawn and hot water to clean and make home smell super yummy, plus disinfect (tea tree oil is good for that). Lavender pillow spray helps me sleep.

Simple Green Window Cleaner-unlike Windex it is environmentally friendly.

Bleach- Removing stains and disinfecting anything: kitchen counters, bathtubs, toilets, etc. Keeping whites white, a few spritzes on the dish sponge to disinfect, rinse well and wring out.

Febreeze for Fabrics- for clothes I want to extend the wear time of before washing. Also used for pet beds, blankets, coats, scarves, fabric sofa, interior of car, throw rugs, etc

Downy Wrinkle Release- It lasts a long time for me and is well worth the hassle and time of ironing something like a tee shirt or my scrubs.

Fabuloso- I transfer it to a spray bottle. Can be diluted or used as is. I use on anything with a flat surface, besides wood, (although I have used it plenty of times when it’s diluted to do a quick clean on our wood floors) that needs a quick cleaning. Smells so good too. I’ve also used it on small carpet spots without any problem. Its fairly mild so doesn’t tend to damage things yet strong enough to do some serious cleaning if used full strength.

Wood Cleaner for floors-no particular brand.

Pledge spray-general wood cleaner. They are making them with good scents now but I love the almond one the best. Maybe next time I’ll look for something more natural though.

Gain Laundry Detergent- because it smells ah-MAY-zing and cleans well.

Gain dryer sheets

Mr. Clean Sponges- smudges on woodwork, stubborn bathtub/shower soap scum, any scuffs on wood floor, scuffs on shoes or handbags. I cut them in half because I feel they last longer that way. Really good for scuffs and smudges.

Vinegar- laundry booster! It gets out all odors. Used with Dawn and water (don’t over-dilute) to scrub heavy duty dirty stuff like car tires, major scum in showers if not kept up with, outdoor furniture, etc. It doesn’t smell good while cleaning so I don’t really like to use it every day but once dry you cannot smell the vinegar and it does boost cleaning power. I love it in a salad but just can’t work with it when cleaning. I know it does clean a lot of things though. Oh, I use it to descale my coffee pot also. And with baking soda every once in a while in the kitchen sink when I have oranges, lemons or limes I need to out down the disposal to clean it out.

That’s all. I think I have some good ol fashioned Lysol floor cleaner for tile but, honestly, Fabuloso does just as well so probably won’t be buying separate bare floor cleaner.

Lastly, I think the most important thing is the tools. I use flannel or microfiber for surfaces, sponges with scrubbers on the back for anything I need to hit with a scrubber. And scrubbers with handles that have varying degrees of firmness for different jobs. I have a bucket for car cleaning in which I keep lots of rags and various brushes dedicated for that job. It is so nice having all of that super handy. There’s a toothbrush in each bathroom, the kitchen and the car cleaning bucket for hard to reach areas. Use the toothbrush for around the faucet and to get to tough spots like those crevices around the sink.

Do you have any cleaning essentials that have made your job easier while being cost effective? I wonder what other people are using out there. Do you just grab anything from the store or have preferences?