Welcome to Lambie and Bellybutton!

Welcome to my new adventure! I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years but wanted to develop a forum where I can reach more than the amount of patients I can see in a day. Enter… Lambie and Bellybutton! The master plan is to create a nonprofit organization for families of medically complicated pediatric patients. I want to provide families with free non-biased counseling, education and support, much needed respite for exhausted parents, fun educational activities for siblings, monetary help for home modifications, food,clothing, toys, go-bags, or anything else they need! As with any new business, I’m starting out small. Check out my Products page to see the super adorable baby moccasins I am selling. A portion of the profits will go directly towards patient needs. I will provide updates with photos everytime I’m able to get enough to donate to any patient or family! Please stay tuned. I have lots of ideas for this blog, more products and where to donate those proceeds! Thank you for joining me! Don’t forget to follow!

Hugs, Chrissie

PS I will soon reveal the reason the blog is named Lambie and Bellybutton!